The Paradox NFT Marketplace Roadmap to Success

The Paradox NFT Team Has Been Moving Mountains to Make Time to Share Some of Their Recently Stellar Achievements From the Official Roadmap!

While there wasn’t much time to lay out all the achievements during the first phase of development and the first half of the second phase of development, Paradox NFT has some notable mentions that the team has achieved over the recent months.


They Have Developed, Tested, and Completed the Paradox NFT Coin Project

PXBSC is good to go, and you should start stashing these ultra-secure coins while they’re still available at these currently low but extremely healthy prices. Please take some time to look at Paradox NFT’s charts. You can find PXBSC charts available on any of our websites.

No Automated Shortcuts Here

With the presence of token generators and other automated tools that promise the creation of tokens to be as easy as a click of a button, many don’t realize what really goes into a token like Paradox NFT Coin. With technology improving every day, one could argue that creating assets like BEP20 tokens could even sound sophomoric. But Paradox NFT Coins are not your regular coin. Not only are they meant to work flawlessly with the upcoming Paradox NFT Marketplace, but they are also ripe and ready to be traded on both small and large scales.

During the First Phase of Development on the Paradox NFT Marketplace, the Team Completed the Following:

  • The custom server architecture was created and implemented using our almost entirely eco-friendly servers that utilize nearly 100% sustainable energy.
  • Paradox NFT finished the mock development.
  • PXBSC finished the HTML development for the back-end of the website.
  • The base setup and development were completed and put into place.
  • The ROR backend was completed.
  • The Paradox NFT Development team set up the marketplace’s temporary website and set up the PXBSC website ( on its own private server.
  • The custom analytics integration keeps our customer’s data safe and 100% private (no Google Analytics selling your data to 3rd parties).
  • The new and improved SEO servers got a few hardware upgrades that were badly needed.
  • PadSwap was set up for trading.
  • PXBSC was listed on Tokpie and Nomics.
  • The official WordPress plugin was ordered to be integrated with WooCommerce and will become available shortly.
  • All social media channels and outlets have been set up and covered. The marketing team was able to reserve the handle “paradoxnft” for almost every social media account.
  • The websites and Telegram channels were made completely multilingual so everyone across the globe can now read up Paradox NFT.

So Let’s Dive Into Phase Two and What it is Going to Mean for the Up-and-Coming NFT Marketplace Giant:

Milestones already achieved throughout the second phase of development:

  • A long list of partnerships and collaborative projects that will be a part of the Paradox NFT Marketplace bloodline.
  • Exclusive trading partnerships on the Paradox NFT Marketplace.
  • And more phase two projects TBA. is Currently Ranked at #35 on CoinGecko & CoinGecko

UPDATE: Happening Today at Paradox NFT

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